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Example of Super Evolver. T-Rex Lord

Super Evolvers are Vivosaurs that have had a Gold Fossil integrated into them. Silver Fossil Rocks (aka. Wondrous Fossil Rocks) only change the color of the Vivosaurs, but they also raise certain stats. All Silver Fossils raise Health, Heads raise Attack and Accuracy, Bodies raise Defense, Arms raise Attack, and Legs raise Defense and Speed. Gold Fossil Rocks (aka. Miraculous Fossil Rocks) raise all stats and have a chance of "evolving" a Vivosaur. These are in no particular order, but here is a list:


Lugmos (Dimetro)

Omias  (Amargo) 

T-Rex Lord (T-Rex) 

Dimorph Ace (Dimorph) 

Dydomio (Yango)


Bulgon (Tsintao)

Papygon (Anato)

Giga Raja (Raja)

Buldor (Pachrino)

Zanth (Pelto)

Shenliu (Argento)


Barbaros (Stego)

Nycto Ace (Nycto)

Teffla (Aeros)

Giga Spinax (Spinax)

V-Ripper (V-Raptor)

Geneos (Edapho)

Hibigon (Igua)

Blitzigon (Chasmo)


Galgaron (Ankylo)

Heracles (Tricera)

Mapo King (Mapo)

Marple (Plesio)



Despino (Spino)

Equinas (Toba)


Giga Allo (Allo)

Rhyden (Brachio)

O-Raptor Fiend (O-Raptor)

You can obtain Super Fossil Rocks by using Donation Points, buying them at the Fossil Guild, or finding them at dig sites (I suggest Mt. Krakanak) where the yellow circles are. I am planning on adding Links to all of these pages.