Zongazonga was a royal evil sorcerer from when tribal peoples inhabited the Caliosteo Islands. He would throw his subjects into battle ,wielding gigantic monsters from the past, and fight to the death. The last man (or woman) standing was crowned the Majestic Vessel. To be crowned the Majestic Vessel was a fate worse than death, for Zongazonga would take over their body. Finally, the locals had had enough. They crafted a weapon of immense power, called the Caliosteo Pipsqueak, and they overthrew Zongazonga. They then sealed his skull away in a stone chest, which could not be opened from the inside, and locked it away in the Stone Pyramid in the Jungle Labyrinth for eternity

Many years passed, and a man known as Joe Wildwest came upon the temple. Curios, he ventured inside and came upon the stone chest. He opened it, and Zongazonga stole his body.

After the game has been beaten, you can go back to Zongazonga's floating castle and defeat him again to obtain him.